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Accessing Your Client Portal

Access our Client Portal. Click on here to login.

How To Use The New Portal

  • Your login is the primary taxpayers ssn or business EIN 

  • If this is your first time logging in use the temporary password that you have been give, you will need to change this to one of your choosing, which will be your permanent password.




Once you have logged in, click on the “Get a Copy of My Tax Return” link. This will open and display a list of documents you can access. Click on the file name and a display will open asking how you would like to view the document or an option to save the document.

To upload documents to our office, click on the “Upload Documents” link. This will open the upload documents window. Use either the “Browse” button or drag and drop the file you wish to upload to the blue “Drop Files Here” area. Add any description of the document in the “Description” box and be sure to click the UPLOAD button to complete the process and upload the file.

A notice will display at the top of the screen under the heading Upload Documents stating that, “The file was successfully uploaded. Please click HERE to view the file”. This will allow you to see the document that you just uploaded.

Note - Please do not upload images as they are limited in size and are difficult to read. We recommend using a scanner app if you do not have the ability to create PDF's. Adobe Scan is free for Apple and Android.

If you have any problems or just wish to verify that the document has reached us please call us at 804.334.0735.

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