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Tax Issues

Tax preparation and planning, accounting and other services can help you stay out of trouble with the IRS, but if you already have a tax issue, help isn’t just a good idea — it’s a necessity.


Our experienced staff can help you to solve your tax problems, whatever they are, and get back on the right side of the law. Having professionals on your side saves time and, given the cost of the penalties and interest that the IRS is levying against you, can save you thousands of dollars.


Regardless of the problem that you’re having with the IRS, we can help you, and our tax preparation and planning, accounting and bookkeeping services can make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Click the links below to find out about our specific capabilities:

  • Do you need IRS Audit Representation to deal with a notice?
  • If you’re behind on returns, we can catch up your Non-Filed Returns for you..

  • Owe Back Taxes?

  • Payroll Tax Problems?

  • Is the IRS threatening to place Liens against your house?

  • Are Levies locking you out of your bank account?

  • Have IRS Wage Garnishments reduced your paycheck or retirement accounts to nothing?

  • Have you receive a notice of pending IRS seizures of your personal property?


The IRS is relentless. If you owe them money, they will find you, they will get it from you and they don’t care how they do it. You’ve never dealt with a collection agency or creditor that is like the IRS, so if you have a problem with them, it’s probably more serious than you recognize.


We have solutions to your IRS problems:


  • Offers in Compromise can let you setting your debt with the IRS for just a little bit of what you owe.
  • An IRS Payment Plan gives you time to pay them on your terms — and stops their collections.

  • Bankruptcy will get you out of many IRS debts..

  • Innocent Spouse Relief protects you if your spouse’s tax problems have nothing to do with you.

  • IRS file review services let you know what the IRS knows about you.


We have created several pages giving some details on tax issues you may be facing.



To learn more about how we can help you, complete the short form below for a consultation with one of our tax specialists.

We Are Here to Answer Your Tax Question

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